The Best of the Best Websites for Social Studies

  1. Ohio Historical Society
  2. World Maps Collection from
  3. Theban Mapping Project (ancient egypt)
  4. Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map
  5. Nom en hieroglyphes Your Name in Hieroglyphics
  6. They Rule - Analysis of relationships between leading corporations
  7. "Best History Web Sites" (self proclaimed)
  8. American Journey
  9. 20th Century Presidents Quiz
  10. Marshall Plan
  11. History of Plumbing (we've got everything including the kitchen sink)
  12. Biography of Richard the Lion-Hearted
  13. Biography of Henry II of England
  14. The State Government of Michigan
  15. Stately Knowledge
  16. Polynesian Migrations
  17. Smokey Says
  18. Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library
  19. Civil War at Charleston
  20. Scrolls from the Dead Sea
  21. French & Indian War: 1775
  22. ForeignWire.Com
  23. A Short History of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  24. Hittite Home Page
  25. Douglass Archives of American Public Address
  26. Jefferson: a Day in His Life at Monticello
  27. Oriental Museum Virtual Tour
  28. Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
  29. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
  30. ORB Online Encyclopedia for Medieval Studies
  31. Middle Ages
  32. Amistad Case
  33. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  34. The Mexican American War
  35. Timeline of British History
  36. Colonial Williamsburg
  37. The Thirties in Print
  38. Living History Farms
  39. Medieval New York
  40. Coal Mining in the Gilded Age
  41. Explorers of North America
  42. Today in History
  43. Justice for Kids & Youth
  44. Ancient Indus Valley
  45. Log of the Picton Castle
  46. Native American Housing
  47. Mourt's Relation
  48. Biography of William Bradford
  49. Biography of Sqaunto
  50. The Life & History of Benjamin Franklin
  51. Stereoviews of the 19th Century
  52. The Capital Game