The Best of the Best Websites for Math

  1. NCREL Home Page
  2. South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium. Math and Science hands-on activities.
  3. PBS's "TeacherSource" -- Math and Science information and activities, with real world applications.
  4. English name for a number-- This web site writes out the "word name" for a number you enter
  5. The search for Mersenne Prime Numbers-- The recent discovery of a 12.9 million digit prime number earned $100,000
  6. Famous Curves Index -- Who knew there were so many famous curves?
  7. The Sciences Explorer high-tech visuals Very well organized.
  8. Cool Math??
  9. Is pi random?
  10. The Swedish University Network Math Index -- an excellent "one stop shopping" site for looking up math facts.
  11. Math Forum at Swarthmore Univ. broad array of resources for teachers.
  12. Manipula Math w/Java a huge number of JAVA applets on a variety of topics.
  13. This is a wonderful JAVA applet that shows a "visual proof' of the Pythagorean equation.
  14. Favorite Mathematical Constants
  15. Number Names
  16. Prime Numbers
  17. Dr. Math
  18. Mathographies: Great Mathematicians
  19. Four Color Theorem
  20. Abacus
  21. The Math League
  22. Math Reference Tables
  23. The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
  24. Fractions and Shapes
  25. Keep Traffic Moving
  26. Aritm Interactive Practice Aritm trains you in simple mental calculation
  27. Graphics for Complex Analysis
  28. Elementary Math Problem of the Week
  29. Change Maker