The PHS website is created and maintained by the students at Peebles High School under the supervision of Mr. Lewis. We hard-code pages in HTML (old-school). Below are some of the tools used to create this site.

Program File Editor

Programmer's File Editor is a multi-file text editor that can handle large files. Oriented for programming use, it can also be used for general purpose text editing. This works with Windows 9x/NT/2000

Freeware. Uploaded by the author, Alan Phillips

Program File Editor is a program that allows you to make HTML webpages. It lets you to be able to organize the webpages and design them how you would prefer.
To Download Program File Editor for free CLICK HERE


Mapedit is an imagemap-editing program. Mapedit adds client-side imagemaps to web pages, simply by opening the page, selecting the image, and drawing rectangles, polygons and other shapes. There is no easier way to make an imagemap, and zoom support allows easy detail work on large images.

To download Mapedit CLICK HERE


Description of CuteMAP program from developer(s): Creating "hot" spots on your web site graphics has never been easier! Simply select the areas of the picture that you want "hot", and tell CuteMAP® where you want the link to point. CuteMAP automatically creates the image map for you. It's that easy! For hassle-free Web graphic navigation, download your free trial of CuteMAP today! The main screen contains a Menu Bar and a Tool Bar for accessing CuteMAP functions and is divided into three sections or panes. In the left pane, enter the information for hotspots as they are created. When an image is opened in CuteMAP, it displays it in the right pane. The lower right pane contains the HTML code associated with the currently viewed image. As the image map is created or edited, the code showing in this window is modified. CuteMAP is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

To download CuteMAPCLICK HERE

Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is an advanced program that makes imaging and photography easier. By combining automatic and precision tools with an integrated learning system, Paint Shop Pro helps you produce professional results with power and ease. Paint Shop Pro increases productivity and enhances workflow like no other digital imaging software on the market. Paint Shop Pro is your complete solution for print and Web.

To download a FREE TRIAL of Paint Shop ProCLICK HERE


This program will check all files within a web site for errors. Among the thing it will do are: The program is available for download and free trial at Expandable Language


Websites we use for creating our HTML files
W3schools allows you to learn HTML.
Flaming Text allows you to create your own headings.
CSS Creator Creates HTML style code for various items
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Free Webmaster Tutorials - from
This created by Bret Patton 3/2004