In the year of 2001, a threat was brewing in the distant reaches of the galaxy. David Vogler had graduated from West Union High School and was growing more powerful with each passing day. As the students of Peebles, Ohio prepared to confront faculty of Peebles High School David Vogler was seeking apprenticeship at the sith temple in the Wright State System Where he earned a bachelor's degree in Science of Mathematics of the Dark Side of the Force. He also learned about the techniques of Mathematics from Rio Grande under proffessor Dark Vector He then went forth to brainwash the minds of young children every where by teaching Computer 1, Computer Programming, Advanced Computers (Comp II),Financial Literacy of the Dark Side His favorite subject in High School was Accounting for the Dark Side, the Dark Side has taxes to how do you think they paid for two Death Stars you hypocrits He likes to play bluegrass music and is highly involved with the church much to the irk of Darth Vector and Darth Taco Salad because the force is its own religion. He came back to meld young minds because he loves High School so much so he plans on it for the next thirty years. He married the love of his life on June 25, 2005 of the blue harvest to Cara Alyssa of the Outer Rim and they had a child the young Jedi named Calen and the Stormtrooper Dayla. His young Jedi Son will train for many cycles to defeat him in the classroom of Computer Knowledge and other such classes of the Dark Side.