Varsity Cheerleaders

(Back Row L to R) Tori Smith, MaKenna Malcolm, Carlie Cluxton, Olivia Parrett, Jessica Newkirk
(Middle Back Row L to R) Sarah Laxton, Spring Ball, Jasmine Francis, Jade Watson, Kennedi Newman, Lexington Shiveley, Rylee Hampton
(Middle Front Row L to R) Kailyn Boyd, Raegan Dick, Holly Niswander, Jordan Crum, Chelsey Williams
(Front Row L to R) Jessica Sowards, Story Kremin, Sarah McFarland, Savannah McCoy
Not Pictured: Brooklyn Cluxton

2016-2017 Cheerleaders
(Varsity and JV)

(Sr.) Story Kremin
(Sr.) Savannah McCoy
(Sr.) Sarah McFarland
(Sr.) Jordan Crum
(Sr.) Jessica Sowards
(Sr.) Raegan Dick
(Sr.) Kailyn Boyd
(Sr.) Jordan Crum
(Jr.) Jessica Newkirk
(Jr.) Chelsey Williams
(Jr.) Kennedi Newman
(Jr.) Spring Ball
(Soph.) Jade Watson
(Soph.) Rylee Hampton
(Soph.) Tori Smith
(Fresh.) MaKenna Malcolm
(Fresh.) Carlie Cluxton
(Fresh.) Olivia Parrett
(Fresh.) Sarah Laxton
(Fresh.) Jasmine Francis
(Fresh.) Lexington Shiveley
(Fresh.) Holly Niswander
(Fresh.) Brooklyn Cluxton

Coach: Jodi Parrett, Angie McCoy and Amanda Higginbothan

(L to R) Kailyn Boyd, Savannah McCoy, Sarah McFarland, Story Kremin, Jessica Sowards, Jordan Crum, Raegan Dick

(Back Row L to R) Tori Cheatham, Carrington McGlothin, Saylor Kremin, Savannah Gehler, Tori Whitley
(Front Row L to R) Laycee Camp, Ashley Wolke, Jillian Evans, Raven Kinnett

Jr High Cheerleading Squad

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