2018 Division IV Tournament Bracket

Varsity Boys Baseball

Back Row: Franklin Myers, Andy Conlee, Ridge Cluxton, Brady Moore, Luke Rayburn, Easton Wesley, (Coach) Kenny Dick
Front Row: Brennan Barr, Conner Browning, George Werner, Kalub Smith, Stephen Penn, Chase Meade

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2017-2018 Varsity Roster
Grade Player Position
12 Stephen Penn IF/P
12 Ridge Cluxton IF/P
12 Luke Rayburn IF/P
12 Conner Browning C/IF/P
12 Kalub Smith IF/OF
12 Brady Moore OF
12 Andy Conlee OF
12 George Werner OF
10 Dustin Rutherford C
9 Franklin Myers IF/P
9 Easton Wesley IF/P
9 Brennan Barr OF/P
9 Chase Meade OF/P

Varsity Boys Baseball

Back Row: (Coach) Kenny Dick, Caleb Bloomer, Tyler Shoemaker, Easton Wesley, Franklin Myers, Connor Myers, Kyler Washburn
Front Row: Kamden Crum, Wyatt Cluxton, Brennan Barr, Braxton Smart, Chase Meade, Caramon Smith

2017-2018 JV Roster
Grade Player Position
10 Kamden Crum
10 Dustin Rutherford
9 Braxton Smart
9 Connor Myers
9 Wyatt Cluxton
9 Kyler Washburn
9 Franklin Myers
9 Chase Meade
9 Caleb Bloomer
9 Brennan Barr
9 Caramon Smith
9 Easton Wesley

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