PHS Building

25719 State Rt. 41
Peebles, OH 45660

Phone: (937)587-2681
Fax (Old): (937)587-5236
Fax (New): (937)347-3503

School Mascot: Indian
School Colors: Red , White , Blue
School Motto: "Attitude is Everything"
School Vision: "Anything is possible with a positive attitude,
determination, and hardy work."

Approximate Enrollment: 397 (7-12)
Grade 7 total 72
Grade 8 total 101
Grade 9 total 75
Grade 10 total 72
Grade 11 total 40
Grade 12 total 37
Teaching Staff: 30 (including part day)
Classrooms: 39
Building Areas: 106,200 sq. ft.
Parking Spaces: 430
Gymnasium Capacity: 1200(peoples)

We believe the purposes of education is to prepare students to achieve, reason, communicate effectively, to be productive, responsible, and respectful. We encourages respect for and preservation of our close community ties, while opening the doors to the world-at-large. We encourage parents and the community to view education and the school as an integral part of life, and to accept responsibility for each child's educational preparation, remembering that not all learning takes place in school.

Indian on gym wall Our school day is a blended schedules built on the concept of semester-block scheduling. Most classes meet for 45 minutes daily for the entire year (36 weeks) to earn 1 credits each.
Some elective classes meet for 45 minutes daily for 18 weeks and earn 1/2 credits.
Classes are in sessions from 8:00AM - 2:50PM

If your schools is considering blocks scheduling please consider the
problems of block scheduling.

To view our districts/schools handbooks, click here
Our school is part of the Adams County/Ohio Valley School District.
Please visit the Adams County/Ohio Valley School District web pages.

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