Art is a great way for the students to express themselves at PHS. It grants us a way to let our imagination run wild. If we didn't have The Arts there would be no famous paintings or photographs of historical people, beautiful buildings that are centuries old, or a way to express our thoughts and feelings. Art is the life support for some, so enjoy the talent and let it all go!

Mrs. McElwee

Mrs. Beth McElwee started teaching at Peebles High School full time during the 1990-91 school year. The 2017-18 school year is her 27th year. She attended the University of Dayton for her B.D. and Masters degree. Her schedule of classes include:

    Junior High Art
    Art I
    Art II
    Art III/IV
    College Credit Drawing

Mrs. McElwee and her students paint holiday symbols in the windows of many shops and restaurants in our town for the holidays. They have also painted the windows of the Peebles Public Library for their summer program. Every year she and her students participate in the All County Art Festival in which the art students are recognized for their creative abilities. Her students also help with the school play decorations each year.

The Ohio Art Education Association joined with the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Arts Council to mount a student exhibition representing all 99 House districts in the State of Ohio. The exhibition recognizes the talents, creativity, and innovation of students who receive high quality arts education instruction as part of their academic experience in school. It represents art by some of Ohio's finest high school artists. The exhibition is open to the public at the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts lower level Statehouse connector from January 3, 2016 - December 30, 2016. The Riffe Center is open during regular business hours year round.

Peebles High School Representatives, pictured left to right: Mr. Timothy Davis, Principal; Victoria McCane, Freshman; Jayanne Wheeler, Sophomore; Mrs. Beth McElwee, Visual Arts Teacher. Click here to read about Jayanne from the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Visit Artsonia for recent art projects

Here are some projects Mrs. McElwee had us do!

Deborah Ropke
Jenny Seas Deborah Ropke
Kylie Sims Kylie Sims
Kylie Sims Kylie Sims
Cheri Cottrell Autumn Lee
Cheri Cottrell Autumn Lee
orange sunset by Alex MrFarland,zebra print by Tawni Caudill Eli Mefford
Orange Sunset by Alex McFarland
Zebra Print by Tawni Caudill
Eli Mefford
Liz Fulton Alexis Gardner
Liz Fulton Alexis Gardner

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